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Meet Nano Brows: The New Eyebrow Procedure On The Rise

Microblading one's eyebrows has long been the preferred semi-permanent option for the less hirsute. Despite a deep aversion to body tattoos, many people have embraced the discreet tattoos on their face as a way to achieve groomed, full-looking brows without any daily faffing. Unfortunately, depending on the oiliness of your skin, they may not last quite as long as you'd hope.

Nano brows are achieved through a procedure called nanoblading. While there are similarities, there are a few key differences between this trending eyebrow practice and microblading. If you're looking to enhance sparse eyebrows but have wavered over microblading, here, everything you need to know about nano brows.


Nano brows are essentially the end product of a procedure called nanoblading. They're a semi-permanent tattoo that results in full, fluffy looking brows. Like microbladed brows, the effects are longlasting and well suited to people who might be dealing with over-plucked brows. As they're a tattoo, nano brows are also ideal for those who want groomed brows that will endure sweating, swims and sauna sessions.


Nano brows are achieved using a fine, single-needle tattoo machine, whereas microblading tools consist of several small needles. In each procedure, very fine hair-like strokes are tattooed onto the skin, creating the look of naturally full eyebrows. Nanoblading delivers pigment a little deeper into the skin, meaning nano brows can last up to two to three years. Microblading usually lasts between one to two years, but it can depend on your skin and lifestyle.

Those with oilier skin (or those sweating it out in humid climates) often report their microbladed brows fading much faster than others. Thus, nano brows are a better choice if you're looking for brows that will last longer—and if you're quite set on a certain brow shape for a few years—and for folks with oilier skin. According to Fay Rezaei, founder of Royals Clinic Australia who offer the treatment, nano brows are also a little gentler than microblading. "Because it's superfine it won't cause as much trauma to the skin. It's also more flexible with movement," she explained to Beauty Crew.


As with microblading, it'll start with a consult with your technician. This is the time where you'll be discussing the shape and colour you're after, map out the shape and tweak and adjust for symmetry until you've got the ideal shape for your brow locked in. "We always do an in-depth consultation with our clients," explained Rezaei. "This way we can let our clients know if there is anything that can affect their results and also let them know approximately how long it could last, or if anything will affect the treatment."


"The finished results are more natural-looking, hair-like strokes," says Rezaei. "Nano blading won't cause the pigment to bleed into other areas of the skin. For some clients, microblading can bleed and cause the stroke to look thicker once healed beneath the skin—this happens mostly for clients with oilier skin. Nano blading definitely provides a more natural result and it is the new, improved method of microblading!"

-Monisha Rudhran

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