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6 Reasons Moms Need Float Therapy

Have you heard of float therapy, aka floating, sensory-deprivation tanks, float tanks, or float spas? The things people always hear from friends are:

1.) that sounds really weird

2.) I would freak out

3.) I am too claustrophobic

But I’m here to explain why floating is actually not as scary as it sounds keep reading to see the 6 reasons moms need float therapy.

At Bellissimo Spa, you have your own private float room. Other float spas may have little pods that you pull down over your head, but Bellissimo Spa has one of the largest float tanks made, the Deluxe Float, its more inviting, relaxing and spacious. Inside the room is a shower with shampoo and body wash – you first shower to wash off any soaps, oils, etc that may be lingering on your skin. Then you put in earplugs, open the door, climb in the tub, and lay back. The saltwater naturally brings you to the top and you just lay there like you would in a bed. There’s optional ambient lighting, optional zen full music, no weight and the water stays warmed to body temperature. The 1,500 pounds of Epsom Salts keep you buoyant without any effort, which is a pretty cool feeling.

As someone with anxiety, the main question I had before I floated was “what if I freak out?!” – and the answer is… if you need to take a break, do it. If you want to turn on a light or open the door to the tub, go for it. It’s your experience so do what you want! But once I was in, I felt no panic or anxiety about it. And I really like the way I feel when I’m finished floating.

Here are 6 benefits of float therapy for moms:

Floating Reduces Tension

It’s kind of like a massage in that tension melts away after a session of being soaked in salt water. My shoulders are always tight from toting a baby on one arm (sometimes two) and floating helps to ease that ache.

The Magnesium Helps Your Body Function Optimally

The part that makes you float is Epsom Salts (aka Magnesium Sulphate). Magnesium is in lots of the healthy foods I (try) to eat: spinach, quinoa, almonds, nuts, beans, oats – but most people aren’t getting enough magnesium, which is linked to migraines, high blood pressure and diabetes. When you float, your skin (the body’s largest breathable organ) absorbs magnesium.

Floating is like the ultimate nap

I always fall asleep when I float. And when I do nap while floating, it’s like an ultimate power nap. The science says that when you float and you’re experiencing sensory deprivation, the brain is able to produce more theta waves, which is the sort of feeling you have right before you fall asleep. Theta waves are also what Buddhist monks try to reach through thousands of hours of meditation – but I don’t have time for all that, so floating it is!

Floating relaxes you

Honestly, as a mom, you could put me in any dark room by myself and it would be more relaxing than hanging out with 3 kids under 5 but that’s not always possible. Going to a float spa amplifies that relaxation because the sensory-deprivation piece allows your brain to turn off it’s stress-producing chemicals (adrenaline & cortisol) and truly relax.

The Oxygen Mask Theory

Taking time – even an hour – to yourself will make you a better mom. How? It’s the oxygen mask theory (one of my favorite parenting theories, btw) – you need to take care of yourself so that you can best take care of everyone else around you. As the primary caretaker in my family (kids, house, husband), I need to treat myself well so that I can treat everyone else well, too. By taking time away from the stressors of your life (kids and otherwise), you’re going to feel good.

You’re Weightless

Ok, this is a BIG one if you’re pregnant… it’s safe and recommended to float while pregnant (ask your doctor, of course) I’m SO wishing I knew about foot therapy during all of my pregnancies. Weightlessness, reduced soreness, less stress & anxiety? What pregnant woman wouldn't want that?!

- Val from Motherhood & Parenting

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