Swarovski TSC

In every Touchstone crystal accessory shines Swarovski crystal, giving each chic jewelry piece its signature sparkle.
Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. Above and beyond subjective perception, the quality and value of crystal can be determined by the criteria outlined below in the 5 C’s of Swarovski Crystal.

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Mint Grove Boutique

Mint Grove Boutique is your number one spot for beautiful, trendy clothing made for the everyday real woman. Our goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident without breaking the bank. Choose your items today inside Bellissimo Spa in Friendswood.

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LimeLife by Alcone

A LimeLife glow starts with great, healthy looking skin. Our skin care works to balance, hydrate and revitalize skin and then maintain a radiant glow. LimeLife is free of harmful chemicals and made with natural ingredients which balance, hydrate and revitalize your skin! LimeLife products now available in Bellissimo Spa in Friendswood.

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Soy Vela & Co Candles

Free your mind and body with Soy Vela & Co's soy based candles. After using it, you will feel awakened, balanced, and rested. Using our scented candle gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself and experience a unique and soothing moment. Find serenity in the craziness of your daily routine. Make it yours today, available inside Bellissimo Spa in Friendswood.